Model Safety and Pitfalls

Things to be beware of:

Over the years I have heard of many times where female models were taken advantage of by photographers,  videographers, managers, scouts, and others with low morals.


Using modeling like a dating service and trying to sleep with all the models they can.

Getting models to drink enough alcohol that they are easily coerced into taking of their clothes to shoot when they normally would not.

Slipping drugs into model’s drinks.

Getting models to drink enough alcohol that they have sex when they normally would not.

Shooting models then refusing to pay for the session.

Shooting models then never providing the images.

Video recording models without their consent.

Hiding video cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms.

Using images for commercial use without a model release.

Pushing models to take off their clothes when they don’t want to.

Promising to promote models or make them famous in exchange for sex.


Things to do to safeguard against these items:

Discuss the model release ahead of time, have your own.

Don’t drink alcohol at a shoot.  Bring your own water to drink.

Be careful of food or drink at a shoot.

Take someone with you to your shoots, don’t go alone.

Watch for video cameras and hidden cameras.

Be stern about your modelling limits up front.  Be clear about what you will and won’t do.

Don’t sleep with photographers/videographers/etc…

Get a deposit for work up front 50% is normal.

Research the people you plan to shoot with.  Even get references.

Only shoot in safe places.

If a chaperone is not allowed consider not working with the person.