Models/Talent Join Our Team

If you are new to the industry we are here to help you get a good start and not get scammed.  We provide free educational services and training through our in house book and video library.  We show you how to weed out the businesses that are out there just to take your money like some modeling schools and modeling agencies.  We are able to arrange for Test Shoots/TFP shoots or discounted portfolio shoots with top photographers.  Then we help you get listed on legitimate casting sites to find work.  


We are a small local service provider, not a large agency.  You can use us as an agency, or a resource.  No contracts.  Our purpose is to help get you started then eventually listed with a large agency.


All that we ask is that you return the favor by referring others to use our sister companies for their services.  


What is costs to be involved with us?

Option #1 = Nothing

Models:  If we have worked with you in some form or manner and find you credible with a good portfolio we will just add you to our private Facebook communication group and support you.  You will have access to our training resources and discounts with our venders.  (Photographers/MUAs) Our photographers will update your portfolio if needed at discounted rates. 

Other talent:  If we have worked with you in some form or manner and find you credible with a good portfolio we will just add you to our communication group and support you.   Our photographers and videographers will give you discounted rates on marketing photos and videos if desired.


Option #2 =   $25 for initial portfolio shots and helping you get started.

  1.  Initial face to face consultation with test shoot.
  2. First shoot is headshot, full body front, full body profile.
  3. Determine what type of modeling you are fit for and want to do.
  4. Assist in setting up an online portfolio.
  5. Facilitate a future portfolio shoot for the type of modeling you are doing.
  6. Get you TFP opportunities that benefit your portfolio.
  7. Facilitate training on hair and make-up.  You must learn to do your own.
  8. Educate on posing for modeling type and for lighting.
  9. Teach you how to find jobs on your own.
  10. We will also give you a price list template for your online portfolio so you don’t get low balled on jobs.  You are able to refer back to agency pricing.  We also teach you how to get paid up front and manage agreements so you don’t get stuck working with no money.
  11. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in our library reading books and watching videos.
  12. It will be he best $25 you ever spent.
  13. Our photographers charge hundreds of dollars for the portfolio shoot that you will get for a fraction of the cost so there is great value in your membership.
  14. You will have to travel to the photographer’s studio/location in most cases.  Studios are currently in Goldsboro NC, and Mount Olive NC.  We have on  location photographers in Raleigh, Durham, and Fayetteville.

We will be hosting photographer workshops where you are paid to model for photographers in a group setting.  You will have a set rate that you keep 100% of.



Getting Listed and Found….or should I say getting listed and finding work?


This is the goal of the process and there are a lot of pitfalls along the way.


We will help you:


  1.  Figure out what type of modeling you are fit for and want to to.  (If you are a performer you know this already.)
  2. Get a basic portfolio started online in multiple places for leverage.
  3. Select credible casting sites to get listed on.
  4. Show you how to find  castings.
  5. Connect you with movie/video producers that take new talent TFP to build some video reels.
  6. Connect you with professional photographers that will do portfolio shoots for TFP or deep discounts.
  7. Include you in our open agency database for potential jobs.
  8. Teach you you to recognize and avoid scams. 


Use this link to join now!  We will get your photo shoot scheduled and send you to password to the resources page.  Please don’t share the password!

Excalibur M & T Membership $25